Patient Information

Patients can make appointments on their own or be referred by their primary care physician or an emergency department.

Some insurances require a referral from a primary care physician, even if the patient is referred by the emergency department. Primary care physicians (PCPs) are aware of this and will work to get the referral in place quickly. At the time a patient, family member, or other physician's office makes a consultation appointment, our staff will verify insurance and if a referral will be necessary. Thus, a referral can be secured before the appointment.

Our practice offers certain unique advantages to patients. Because of our two locations, patients can often be seen the same day in acute situations. Additionally, our access to technology resources (including x-ray images and physician reports)from St. James Mercy Hospital in Hornell and Jones Memorial Hospital in Wellsville allows for flexibility between our two locations. Thanks to our recent partnership with the Rochester Regional Health Information Organization, we are now able to retrieve reports and data (including x-ray reports and images) from hospitals throughout the Greater Rochester region. For more information on the Rochester RHIO, please visit their website.


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