Surgery Information

Surgery is often a very confusing and scary time for patients. Varus Orthopaedics has handled hundreds of surgeries at Jones Memorial Hospital and St. James Mercy Hospital. We know the process and how to make it as simple and comfortable as possible for the patient.

The two most common routes of surgical referrals come from primary care providers and hospital emergency departments. While emergency cases tend to not require as much paperwork and preplanning, as there is not usually time, most surgeries follow the same path.

Our office staff will contact the patient's insurance company to see if any type of prior authorization will be necessary. Many procedures require medical testing (i.e. EKG, labs) to be completed prior to the surgery. In some instances, prior surgical clearance is necessary from the primary care provider. The operating room sets these requirements. Our office staff is very skilled when it comes to prior authorizations, clearance, and meeting other requirements.

Most non-emergent surgeries can be set up as soon as two weeks from the date of the decision.

Patients scheduled for surgery can contact the office at any time with questions or concerns.

Patients are asked to call the appropriate operating room to determine time of arrival and receive any other instructions. Contact information for the operating rooms are listed below.

Facility Operating Room Phone Time to Call
St. James Mercy Hospital (607) 324-8840 Before 1:00pm the day prior to surgery (Monday surgeries call the Friday prior)
Jones Memorial Hospital (585) 596-4068 2-4pm the day prior to surgery

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